Make a record of your history of excellence in whatever format works best for you. Here are excerpts from your author’s “Kudos List” over a couple of years to show you one way to do it. I build the list by recording examples of personal excellence, large and small, as I recall them. I read them every once in a while to remind myself.


Excellence is small but noteworthy

Excellence is medium

A large chunk o’ excellence

Jumbo excellence


Remembered to not eat breakfast and get to doctor’s office on time for lab work.

Went to 3-hour evening seminar with D, because she wanted to.

Remembered to notice D’s new hairstyle and compliment her on it.

Got AT&T to upgrade me after internet connection went down.

Changed password on my bank account.

Made dinner and cleaned it up for tired wife.

Walked to grocery store for exercise, got fresh tomatoes for dinner.

Finished Gumptionade Draft #7.

Sat through awful foodie movie because D wanted to see it.

Attended the Outreach meeting after church.

Heavy weights workout at the Y.

Called B just to say hello.

Kept my working discipline and did not read emails constantly all day.

Picked up T from rehab so she could go to the church dinner.

Got a jump on finding a copy editor today, a few weeks before I will need one.

Filed Pastoral Care team report on time.

Fixed the new business proposal immediately after getting request for changes.

Resisted binge-watching Orange is the New Black, so I could get up early and write.

Swam 45 minutes at the Y when I really didn’t feel like it.

Called sister on her birthday.

40 minutes of exercise on the elliptical in hot attic.

Did not eat any of the cupcakes served after church.

Figured out how to stream shows from Netflix onto the TV.

401k deposit made on time.

Sent out client billing for July on August 1!

Wrapped D’s birthday presents the night before, so they would be on the breakfast table when she woke up.

Turned off the TV and went to bed at a decent hour so I could be up early to write.

Programmed new garage door remote.

Remembered to do change of address at bank (had to be done in person) when I deposited a check.

Researched two Network Solutions charges on my Amex bill, found out they were not something I ordered and got the promise of a full refund – over $100!

Birthday gift for sister.

Was patient, did not jump on B for not making appointment with F, and it turned out not really to be B’s fault.

I salute you for getting this far in my kudos list!

Picked up veggies for tonight’s dinner on the way back from the bank.

Swam for 45 minutes after work.

Completed project for FM: doing what you said you would do, when you said you would do it, despite unforeseen difficulties.

K, M and E comments on Gumptionade draft #5 reviewed and followed-up on.

Pastoral care visits made on the way home from church.

Battery, tires and oil change for the Corolla.

N says Gumptionade is “ready to go” to press.

Made that uncomfortable call to Smith, re: Payne.

Gift sent to S: gratitude expressed promptly.


300 + workouts in 2013.

Good meeting with J.

Gumptionade draft #5 off to M.

Good meetings w J and P.

G to ER in Bridgeport in the middle of the night.

Mounted guitar on wall of office.

4 letters to Uncle G in October.

Kicked-off Ireland trip planning.

Project follow up, to show S and T that I do what I say I will do.

M&A call with Consultant.

Practicing w online meeting product.

Drove L to the municipal lot—in the middle of the workday—so she could reclaim her car that was towed.

If you are still reading my kudos list, go to and claim a prize. work for client – taking my capabilities up a notch.

Amex green card: miles transferred off, card closed.

SodaStream® refill. What a pain. First world problem.

Patience with D, with myself.

Remembered my wedding anniversary and did something about it.

January mileage done in January.

Eight days in a row of waiting until 4 PM before checking my Facebook feed.

Worksheet #4 — Counting Kudos

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  • Excellence is small but noteworthy

    Excellence is medium

    A large chunk o’ excellence

    Jumbo excellence

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