Worksheet #8 — Failure Calibration Tool

  • How we create more success in our lives is a hard problem. Let us invert the problem and make it easier. How can we create less failure? The best way to start is to identify and remove it from our lives. Your bad habits are recurring failures that lower your gumption. Some bad habits — say, a weakness for clutter — are regrettable but don't do heavy damage. Others are downright toxic to gumption and must be mapped. Please write your worst habit below:
  • Please answer the following yes or no questions:
  • For those whose bad habit is drinking:
  • Every yes answer is worth one point. If you scored two points or higher, you may have a dangerous habit. Welcome to the club. You will likely need WhoHowness to deal with it. Considering talking to a mental health professional. If you are a drinker, consider AA. For the rest of your, what golden apples are your demons guarding?