Your Most Important New Year’s Resolution: Put Excellence Before Success – Part II

By January 26, 2018Blog

The Difference between Success and Excellence

Focused on success                                Focused on excellence

The result                                                    The performance
Failure is not an option                            Failure is a teacher
The destination                                          The journey
Winning                                                       Fulfilling potential
Can’t stand to be beaten                           Can’t stand to be outworked
Opponents are a threat                             Opponents make me better
Power over others                                      Power over myself
The end justifies the means                     There’s a right way and a wrong way
Building reputation                                   Building character

Excellence Before Success

So be wary of people or products that focus on outcome (“instant weight loss”) over process (“this can help you in your work of getting to a healthy weight”).

Focus on the journey rather than the destination. There are no elevators to the top of the mountain you are climbing. Put excellence before success and you will get there.




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