After Easy and Magic Comes Perfect

By November 27, 2017Blog

Watch out. Perfect confuses performance with results. It ignores the role of forces outside of your control, including randomness and luck. Perfect doesn’t allow for human fallibility.

"Perfect is a trap. Striving to be excellent is not." Robert B O'ConnorPerfect is a trap. Striving to be excellent is not. Excellence is from process and growth, not outcomes and opinions of others. To be a perfect dieter requires a perfect diet and a perfect you. Not gonna happen.

But dieting can make you better than you were. You can learn about yourself by paying attention to the process. You can become a better person, and a better dieter. A little closer to perfect.

Perhaps the self-improvement program you select will give you the tools you need to become better. Don’t let that confuse you. The spade does not plant the garden. It is not the program that is changing you; you are changing you.

You can use the free Gumptionade Worksheet #11 “Unbend Your Spoon” to overcome the damage Easy, Magic, and Perfect are doing to your self-improvement plan.

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