Willpower Is Not Gumption

By October 19, 2017Blog

Willpower fails when you need it most.

Willpower is simply distilled enthusiasm. It may be stronger and last longer, but willpower is still enthusiasm-based.

Enthusiasm is an emotion, and your emotions are outside of your control.

Willpower is not gumption.The obese woman may wish with all her heart to get to a healthy weight. But how will she work through the weeks, months, and years of sensible eating and exercise after her willpower evaporates like fog over Phoenix? How will she get through Day Four?

Willpower is not always productive, either. The workaholic requires great willpower to grind out eighty-hour workweeks. The obsessive body builder requires great willpower to lift the weight and consume the supplements needed to have twenty-three- inch biceps. It requires great willpower to do what it takes to look mid-twentyish when you are late-fortyish.

Willpower is not the same thing as gumption. Use willpower when you have it, sure, but build the courage, resourcefulness, and common sense you’ll need to move forward without it.

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