Competitive cyclists will tell you that the best way to ride faster is not by strengthening your leg muscles.  The best way to ride faster is to lose weight: lighter bicycle or lighter cyclist, either one will do. Remove what is holding you back before you add anything.

The most reliable way to increase your happiness is to remove something from your life that makes you unhappy. I gave twelve candidates for removal in my post of October 24, 2014. Here are twelve more:

12 More Reliable Ways to Be Miserable

  1. Never be wrong.
  2. Worry about things you cannot control.
  3. Don’t forgive yourself, or anybody else.
  4. Be bored.
  5. Refuse any sort of exercise.
  6. Do not count your blessings.
  7. Never laugh at yourself.
  8. Go into debt to buy luxuries.
  9. Covet what you don’t have.
  10. Pay no attention to what you eat.
  11. Don’t help other people.
  12. Compare yourself with others.

Life gives you your portion of misery regardless of what you do. Eliminating additional, self-inflicted misery is the simplest way to be happier.


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